Monthly Archives: January 2024

Set Point

2024-01-03T09:42:16+00:00January 3rd, 2024|Food, Health, Lifestyle, Weight management|

There are many reasons why maybe living with more weight than you want to one of these is because we believe that your body has physiological ‘set point’, which means that your brain has an idea of how much it wants you to weigh. We don’t fully understand what determines each person's set point, but [...]

Which diet is best?

2024-01-03T09:40:36+00:00January 3rd, 2024|Food, Health, Lifestyle|

One of the great debates of our time in the weight loss community is which diet is the best for weight loss. The truth is that if there was one specific dietary pattern that was the best for everybody then we would have found it by now and most of us would be eating that [...]

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